Understand and apply Silicon Valley’s success characteristics

We provide different workshops regarding the big shifts underway in Silicon Valley and how non-tech multinationals can respond. Typical audiences for workshops range largely from board & executive management to mid-level executives.

650 Labs has recently concluded some extremely interesting research regarding the organizational characteristics of disruptive innovators, and certainly a lot of these serial disruptors come from Silicon Valley. This research has been augmented by our own consulting work globally. We have identified 25 organizational characteristics we call ‘COLT’ characteristics (culture/organisational/leadership/talent). The organizational DNA of these disruptive innovators is quite different than multinationals in a myriad of subtle ways, and traditional organizations can learn a tremendous amount from these disruptors by looking closely at what they do, and mimic what they do.

A few examples or our findings:

Speed Trumps Consensus: disruptive innovators do not practice traditional consensus-based decision making, but rather people get heard, a decision gets quickly made in the spirit of ‘movement’ and they crack on.

Platforms Not Apps: it’s clear the disruptive innovators are focusing on building scale platforms, not merely ‘apps’. We can’t identify multinationals building such platforms like the disruptive innovators continue to do.

Challenge Conventional Assumptions: disruptive innovators are very clever at challenging/flipping several conventional assumptions how a traditional industry works, and by doing so, can create immense shareholder value.

Acceleration of corporate innovation and digital transformation

Above are just three of the twenty-five organizational characteristics we’ve identified of the disruptive innovators.

We can deliver the above messages in a three-hour interactive session where attendees discuss/debate/prioritize the organizational characteristics we present and determine which ones are best for their company to adopt or a two-day offsite that incorporates project-based work in a friendly/competitive atmosphere.

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