pop up innovation lab
silicon Valley isn’t just for tech startups any more.

Our Lab is part strategy project, part innovation capability building, part learning journey, part professional development, part company relationship building and part inspiration.

We work with multinationals who are seeking to dramatically increase their capabilities to innovate and bring new high-value products and services to market. Together with our Lab partners, we have designed a unique methodology and curriculum which enables companies to truly accelerate innovation and growth.

4 mid-level executives x 4 weeks x 7 Valley-based cohorts per year

Solve your most pressing strategic business challenges, better and faster

28 executives immerse in the powerful culture of ideas, get tooled and inspired and consequently return with new insights, solutions and behaviors that will propel your company

Acceleration of corporate innovation and digital transformation

We apply problem solving the Silicon Valley way:

rapid experimentation, accelerated learning, challenging conventional assumptions, re-framing issues, finding ‘best practices’ outside your industry, etc.

Not all companies, no matter how big, can afford to own a permanent home in Silicon Valley. Instead companies are invited to take advantage of the best of both worlds, and visit Silicon Valley for a pop-up experience. Visiting Silicon Valley for a week is nice, but our rigorous methodology is based on multinationals working on a high-profile challenge or opportunity while in the Valley, and for a sustained period of time.

– Mark ZawackiFounder , 650 Labs

What you can expect:
  • A truly immersive experience
  • Idea generation
  • Business relationship building
  • Business creation
  • Practiced behaviors on how to truly shift culture towards innovation
  • Completion of your desired outcome or solution

You may not need a permanent office in Silicon Valley, but you do need a solid injection of Silicon Valley culture to stimulate your creative thinking, bring in new ideas and innovation, and encourage the sort of disruption that leads to meaningful growth.

An Immersive Experience

For either the two-week or eight-week program, your team makes Silicon Valley its home.
Every company, in every location and in every industry can benefit from being part of the Silicon Valley ecosystem, but it takes more than a quick trip to accomplish that.
To take full advantage of everything Silicon Valley innovation has, you have to truly immerse your team into the culture, the environment, and the people of this incredibly disruptive geographic region. Much more than a simple workshop, the Pop Up Innovation Lab makes you a part of the same culture that created some of the most well-known and successful companies in the world.
The study tour trips tend to ‘inspire’ visiting executives, but they don’t bring home the solution. Exposure isn’t enough, your team has to become part of the Silicon Valley mindset – and by bringing that back to your headquarters anywhere in the world, your entire organization will benefit from the innovation, disruptive styles of thinking, and growth mentality that is so pervasive here.

Our Methodology

Our lab is a very rigorous program where participants will be treated as entrepreneurs building a business. This program is not a theoretical learning course or consulting project. This is immersion, idea generation, business relationship building, and business creation. With this in mind, teams will be exposed to a myriad of approaches that will lead them to the desired outcome of our program.

  • Project Team Work:
  • Industry Cluster Interaction:
  • Valley Ecosystem Interaction:
  • Just-In-Time Education Modules:
  • Field Trips:
  • Conferences & Networking Events:
  • Dedicated team time to work on project deliverables; weekly facilitated sessions with 650 Labs consulting team
  • Networking and discussing industry trends among relevant industry ecosystems
  • As needed meetings with VCs, investment bankers, startups, serial entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, connectors, academics, etc.
  • Weekly interactive educational sessions covering the core curriculum
  • Visit relevant Silicon Valley companies reinforcing core curriculum
  • Attend relevant Silicon Valley conferences and networking events on ad hoc basis

Our unique experiences – both in the Silicon Valley ecosystem and with clients globally – and an extreme focus on our clients strategic outcomes creates more value in a shorter period of time than any other option. We’re not for everyone. We don’t believe in telling our clients what they want to hear just to curry favor or win more work. We’re extremely candid and forthright. We work with clients that truly want to make things happen, not just talk about it. Contact us, and lets start a conversation how we can begin to drive new strategic growth inside your company.

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