strategic advisory
Based on our clients needs, we are able to provide following services:

Innovation Audit – determining if a client’s existing innovation initiatives will achieve desired results and make recommendations for improvement.

Innovation Advisory – advising existing client innovation teams on disruption, competitive threats and opportunities, business model innovation, incubation, innovation pipeline management, customer segmentation, go-to-market, pricing, customer change management and adoption, internal stakeholder management, pilot, launch and realizing benefits.

650 Strategy – defining and assessing the type(s) and intensity of disruptive threats Silicon Valley may inflict on a particular industry, and how best a client ought to react, including mapping out strategic opportunities that may result.

Interim Strategic Outpost – working closely with client HQ innovation teams, delivering regular/ongoing actionable insights regarding Silicon Valley as it relates to a client’s corporate strategy and related initiatives.

Transition Planning – for clients who may want to establish a Silicon Valley presence, devising and refining the right goals and objectives, operating model and desired ecosystem participants, reporting and stakeholder management mechanisms, staffing levels and staff rotation models, knowledge transfer processes between HQ and outpost, executive and Board engagement, outpost location, financial budget, launch planning, etc.

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